Borescope inspection is defined as an inspection of internal parts such as the root passes of butt welds in pipe, tubing and other normally inaccessible areas.

MTI uses flexible optical fibre borescopes with CCTV camera at distal end, incident light delivery through the optical fibre bundle, and image viewing through an 8" TFT LCD screen. All way articulation of 90 degrees is operated from the control unit. Borescope lengths are up to 7.5m.

Optical distal tip adaptors are used to make the field of focus 1mm to 100mm. The field of view is 100 degrees forward and lateral, and the magnification on the 8" TFT screen is 17x.


  • This method is used extensively for quality control of automatic autogenous weld joints in hygienic tubing.

Inspections are usually carried out to ASME BPE standard and images recorded.

hygienic tubing
hygienic tubing