quality assurance

Quality Assurance

quality assurance

In order to formalise it's approach to high standards of service MTI has developed a Quality System which is registered compliant with ISO 90011:2015.

Industrial radiography is a long established effective Non Destructive Testing (NDT) method which is a very versatile diagnostic tool.

Radiographic images are formed by passing ionising gamma or X radiation through the piece to be examined on to a radiographic film on the remote side of the test piece. A contrast greyscale image is formed as a result of attenuating factors in the material such as thickness changes caused by internal defects.

Radiation sources commonly used are Iridium 192, Selenium 75 and X-Rays.


  • Most materials
  • Castings
  • Welded joints
  • Forged components
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in piping using profile technique
industrial radiography
i. Gamma radiograph of 2" pipe weld with gas inclusions
ii. Gamma radiograph of 6" pipe weld showing lack of weld penetration
industrial radiography
X radiography of city natural gas transmission line
industrial radiography
Pipe lengths strung out before fit-up and welding on overland gas transmission line