quality assurance

Quality Assurance

quality assurance

In order to formalise it's approach to high standards of service MTI has developed a Quality System which is registered compliant with ISO 90011:2015.

The following methods are used for Storage Tank Inspections:

Inspection of Annular Ring

The Annular ring is a critical zone of each storage tank as it supports the entire shell and roof load in fixed and cone roof tanks. It is an area which is especially prone to corrosion caused by water ingress between the tank base and the floor.

In order to deal with this problem HSI-MTI provides a phased array tool in which the probe is deployed on the tank floor projection. The tool is programmed to scan up to 100mm into the annular ring from the shell internal surfacing corrosion depth measurements.

Eddy Current Crack Detection

Ultrasonic Bolt Testing

Corrosion Surveys in Piping, Tanks and Vessels