quality assurance

Quality Assurance

quality assurance

In order to formalise it's approach to high standards of service MTI has developed a Quality System which is registered compliant with ISO 90011:2015.

MTI uses advanced Eddy Current and RFT testing technology that utilizes Russell NDT EasyLogPro software. Detecting faults is simplified. Recent updates to EasyLogPro makes it easy to create a tube sheet map simply by taking and importing a photograph, making things even easier and more efficient than before.

The following list of defects are located and identified:

  • Internal and external corrosion
  • Erosion on inlet ends, tube to tube erosion, condensate grooving and baffle wear
  • Fretting at baffle plates
  • Fatigue cracks
  • Pitting caused by process liquids and gases
  • Physical damage caused by handling on turnarounds